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Google Chart API

April 4, 2009
Google Chart

Google Chart

Google Chart API

The Google Chart API is extremely simple tool that lets you easily create a chart from dynamically generated data and embed it in a webpage. The data and formatting parameters were embedded in HTTP request. The Google Chart API returns a PNG-format image in response to the url.


Home Page:

Chart Types

  • Line Charts.
  • Bar Charts.
  • Pie Charts.
  • Venn Diagrams.
  • Scatter Plots.
  • Radar Charts.
  • Maps.
  • Google-o-meters.
  • QR Codes.

Images can be generated for all types of chart, for each image you can specify attributes such as color, labels and size.

The url must be in following format:<parameter 1>&<parameter 2>&<parameter n>

Parameters are separated using ampersand. n number of parameters can be specified in any order.

For Example,40,60&chs=250×100&chl=Yesterday|Today|Tomorrow

The generated PNG-format will be,



For more details regarding attributes and charts.


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